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Dexit represents lingerie brands from the middle to the upper market segment in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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In 2005 Hanro, Internationally known as a luxury lingerie brand, entered the assortment. Hanro has been growing steadily ever since.

With the creation of Dexit in 2019, new opportunities opened up. In a short period of time, the range extended with Cyell, Le Chat, Muchachomalo, Bugatti, CCDK and Dorélit and sales increased.

At Dexit we have over 270 stores among our customers.

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The success story of Dexit is based on a solid cooperation between a motivated team of employees.

Johan Jacobs

Johan Jacobs

+32 2 263 21 41
Chris Vanhaeren

Chris Vanhaeren

Managing partner
+32 475 57 29 72
Annemie Mertens

Annemie Mertens

Sales Agent
+32 474 93 24 59
Marguerite Van Gheluwe

Marguerite Van Gheluwe

Sales Agent
+32 495 25 06 31
Sara Vanspringel

Sara Vanspringel

Sales Agent
+32 497 75 56 64

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